Friday, October 23, 2009

May College Grads Will See More Job Openings

"Employers start an internship one year into the program," Biggs said. "That gives the student the second year to be trained by the employer."

"Students who have a job by graduation turned their internship into a full-time employment opportunity," Linda Bateman, the director of career services at Trine, said. "Or they're in an in-demand field, and were out there doing the job search early."

In-demand fields at Trine include programs at the university's School of Engineering and Technology, and some business programs.

Other majors still have little to no job growth.

"The majors with the most challenging job search are those in the social sciences," Bateman said. "Of course, education, criminal justice and psychology, have the toughest time because of the market of their field."

Many times, students in those majors will find part-time employment in their field.

Bateman said many students are busy with the demands of being a full-time college student, but they do make good use of their time.

"Students have become much more savvy about expanding their network through faculty and through our office," she said. "They’re coming to career service events, they’re attending events where they know employers are going to be presenting on an educational topic and are making a point to introduce themselves to those employers."

Trine expects to have more than 500 students graduate in the spring.

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