Friday, October 23, 2009

The Battle For Jobs: College Grads Vs. Experienced Candidates

Last but not least is the group of employers who’s in between. This group prefers some experience but also would love nothing but a youthful asset aboard their company. They consider what’s on paper as quite important but can easily be swayed by your college graduate charisma (not to be confused with immaturity or cockiness).

So now that you know this pie is divided into three pieces, you should now also realize that no particular group of employers here is off-bounds. Go after them all. The point is that your approach should be different for each group.

Yes, there are some employers who are laser-focused on hiring an older candidate who’s more experienced no matter what. But wait a sec - if you got contacted for an interview...that means they read your resume and are hence still sitting on the fence! Get in that job interview and push them off that fence and into College Grad Land now (wow what a theme park that would be). The job market for us college grads is tough out there, but never forget that youth is your arsenal – so get out there and use it.

How else could you win the battle against experienced candidates? Read 2 Years Of Work Experience Required? Who Cares? right now.

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