Friday, October 23, 2009

13 LinkedIn Mistakes You Should Avoid

6. Not Asking/Answering Questions. Asking questions and getting feedback from others is not only free, it many times does give you answers that you were seeking. Answering questions allows you to share what you know and build a reputation within your industry as a job hunter.

7. Linking Every Tweet. Pushing every tweet to your LinkedIn status is noise. I am a very big fan of Twitter, on twitter. Having people that I am connected with on LinkedIn to see every tweet is not the proper forum. As someone who wants to start their career sure you want to get your name out, and selected tweets of articles that are good reads are worth sharing, but every tweet, no.

8. Lack of Company Page. As a business owner, a company page is another way to get found. Create a company page so that people know you are there. There had been some hesitations as each employee that adds you as an employer is linked to you and once they leave, they can speak about the company in a manner that is not consistent with company policy shall we say. Months ago this was a factor but with the social media tools available there is no excuse for not having a company page. Many job hunters find work or important connections through these company pages.

9. Incomplete Profile. Lack of a photo (or updated photo), complete summary and custom title. President does not cut it anymore. People do not search for president, CEO, etc. Your summary is your chance to let people know what you do and how you can help them. When you are looking for work, your resume might not do you justice - so make sure you brand yourself as a job seeker in your profile.

10. Connecting and Then Selling. It is not a forum for a sales pitch. Similar to auto dm's in Twitter. People who connect with you have to agree and they will look to find out what you do. Sending a thanks for connecting with a sales pitch is asking to be ignored. Show interest, be genuine; networking for a job is a two-way street.

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