Friday, October 23, 2009

How to Measure Job Search Success

Question 3: How many job interviews did I set up today?

This is the crucial question.

Never lose sight of the fact that all your phone calls and in-person meetings have the same ultimate goal: To get you face to face with an employer, discussing why hiring you would be the ideal solution to their problems.

Fact: In many cases, your next job may be at a company you don't know about yet. Which is why you must put the numbers in your favor and talk to as many people as possible.

And ... your next job may not even exist yet. Which is why you must research the background of every employer you meet, so you can propose solutions and ideas that prompt them to hire you before the competition does -- even if they have to create a new job to do it.

To recap, here are the three vital questions:

How many networking phone calls did I make today?

How many in-person meetings did I set up today?

How many job interviews did I set up today?

Take a moment tonight to answer them. When you do, you will start measuring your success, one day at a time, and you can't help but get hired faster as a result.

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