Friday, October 23, 2009

How to Measure Job Search Success

Question 2: How many in-person meetings did I set up today?

Ideally, you'll schedule 1-2 meetings per day and meet 5-10 people every week.

You'll likely set up meetings with two types of people:

a) First-level connections -- people you know already.

These are your friends, family, neighbours, co-workers, et al. In my experience, however, most job leads will NOT come from these people. Rather, you will get them from ...

b) Second-level connections -- people you meet through people you know.

These are also known as "weak connections," and there is great power here, because there are great numbers here. Example: If you know 250 people and they know 250 people, you have access to 62,500 second-level connections.

The goal of each meeting is to get the name of someone who can either hire you, or refer you to a hiring authority. And the goal of meeting those hiring authorities is, of course, to set up job interviews.

Which brings us to ...

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