Friday, October 23, 2009

10 Ways to Use Social Media to Get a Job

Step 4: Promote your expertise

Another important part of the personal branding strategy is establishing yourself as an expert in a particular fi eld or subject. Social-media sites offer plenty of opportunities to promote yourself as a leading light in your area.

"Align yourself with good content and share it with others by answering difficult IT questions on user forums and social networks," advises Judith Germain. LinkedIn's Answers application is a great place to put this into practice.

Browse through questions that other LinkedIn members have posted in your area of expertise or search by keyword. The more good-quality answers you provide, the more visible you become.

If you're willing to invest more time, consider joining Experts Exchange, a site where people post IT-related queries. Join as a volunteer and accrue points towards 'expert' status through providing solutions.

Step 5: Don't be a spammer

Blog articles with titles like '10 Reasons I'll Un-follow You on Twitter' cite aggressive self-promotion as the fastest route to lose friends and alienate people, so avoid things like pushing your website with every status update or spamming hashtags with inappropriate information just to get yourself noticed.

The key to keeping followers and impressing recruiters is to balance your activity. "Engage with your network," says contributor Atherton Bartleby. "Genuine engagement with your followers will ultimately ensure that your mobile number is retained and not 'lost' at the end of that fabulous party, and it will ensure that you don't (too often) commit any serious faux pas."

So take part in the conversation on social-media sites – just like you do at real-world networking events. When you have something useful to share, share it. Reply to other people, find out about them and make friends. Let the networking happen organically.

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