Friday, October 23, 2009

12 Deadly Sins that Kill Your Job Search

8. Using too many fonts and text effects on your resume: A resume must be easy to read and understand. Use no more than two fonts – one is best. It’s good to highlight specific words in your resume by making them bold, but you should generally avoid underlining or heavy use of italics, which can affect scan ability.


9. Not preparing intellectually and emotionally for interviews: The interview is the most important moment in your job search and as such, it requires solid intellectual and emotional preparation. Researching the company is just the beginning. Research the background of the people you will meet (use the corporate web site or online profiles). Practice answering the most common interview questions, and the questions you fear most. Prepare five questions you will ask during the interview. Finally, get yourself in the most resourceful and positive mood for the interview. Candidates perform their best when feeling spectacular.

10. Not sending a thank you note after interviews: Send a thank you note to every interviewer. This one technique demonstrates your professionalism and interest, and can make the difference between getting and not getting an offer.


11. Disclosing unflattering data on social network profiles: Many employers check social networking sites (MySpace, Facebook, etc.) for additional data about potential employees. Review your online profiles and disclose only professional and positive information.

12. Not pre-qualifying your references: Make certain your references are absolutely comfortable providing a stellar recommendation for you.

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