Friday, October 23, 2009

Job-hunting college grads may require extreme social networking makeover

CDW takes the more conservative approach when it comes to the social networking presence of its potential hires, however other companies are a little more open.

“While reviewing social networking sites can reveal certain things about a candidate’s behaviour, interviewers should realize that much of what a candidate puts on these sites is for fun, and does not necessarily reflect an applicant’s ability to be successful at your company or their on-the-job demeanour,” said Thomas Morselli, director of human resources at Mindspark Interactive, Inc. “Smart interviewers understand that these sites are not key decision makers in the overall process, and are simply part of a well-planned and conducted selection process that is designed to uncover relevant information about candidates’ ability to do the job and fit in well within our company’s culture.”

Responsible Outgoing College Students (ROCS) is a company that helps college students and recent grads find jobs in Maryland, Washington D.C. and Virginia. Matt Smith says his company believes that Facebook profiles should not determine whether a candidate should receive a job or not.

“Frankly, we do not check their Facebook profiles and feel that students should have the right to their own personal lives,” Smith said. “In our five-year history, we’ve never had a complaint from our clients about a Facebook profile.”

Smith maintains that activities in which students partake in college may be on the wild side, but are forgivable since many now-successful adults - including him - have been there.

“We don’t judge our students because in most cases, nobody has ever taught them what to expect,” he said. “Think about it, our generation is a lot more open and tolerant than previous generations, so it’s just part of how they grew up - more upfront and open. There is a problem, though, not too many people know what’s acceptable and what’s not, which is why we let our students know about what to do with their online profiles before entering the workplace.”

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