Friday, October 23, 2009

5 Common Job Fair Mistakes Recent Graduates Make

#4: Not aggressive enough

Particularly in today’s job environment, you must be aggressive. If you stand in the back of the crowd waiting for your chance to speak with the company representative, you may find yourself out in the cold. This does not mean you push people out of the way or cut off others while they are speaking. You need to be respectful but aggressive. Hold your ground and make sure you get to give your pitch. Once you get the representative's attention. Hold on to it. Ask questions and be prepared to show what you know about the company and available positions.

#5: Did not get a good nights sleep

As an athlete, the key to my success on the court was a good nights sleep and a pre-game nap. When you walk into a career fair, you need to be on your game. You need to have the energy to tell your story, muscle your way to the front of the crowd and do it over and over again. This requires that you be rested. Fatigue shows on your face. Be rested so that you have the stamina to perform at your highest level.

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