Friday, October 23, 2009

Is My Job Search Doomed if I Don’t Have a Network?

5. Know yourself. What it is you stand for; what drives you; what it is you value; why it is you do what you do.

6. Demonstrate how focused you are and tell others how to help. ( i.e. leads, additional targets and referrals)

7. Be in the “know.” Know your market. Stay informed of changes and events; the flow of money and movement of people; signals of things to come (markets; companies; industries; players).

8. Have a communication strategy that captures and presents your strengths, competencies and verifiable experiences in 15 to 30-second stories.

9. Set up meetings with contacts to share your strategy and ask for suggestions.

10. Talk to your competition – a source for information that also may be looking for someone.

11. Do your homework! Take the time to understand other people’s agendas before setting up a meeting for your own.

12. Encourage brainstorming; ask open-ended questions.

13. Use simple language when talking with others. Don’t make the listener plow through jargon.

14. Be entrepreneurial! Think and act creatively. (i.e. consider joining or starting a small venture with other knowledgeable professionals)

15. Finally, call a friend and get energized before calling a contact for a meeting.

There’s plenty more on this subject. These are only some tips that hopefully will get you motivated. Whether you are employed “but looking” or unemployed and “need to look;” whether you are networking for the first time or re-energizing a current network, rebuilding past relationships and developing new ones should be a deliberate and ongoing practice throughout your career.

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