Friday, October 23, 2009

How a New Grad Can Research an Employer

Other Resources

A potential employer’s website is a great source of information. But don’t overlook independent resources.

Among these is business directory Hoovers,, which provides overviews of public corporations and insight into where companies stand in particular industries.

Not only will Hoovers help you research a potential employer, it provides you with information you can use in an interview. “I know you are the second-largest maker of (fill-in the blank) in the world but, with your recent acquisition of XYZ Company, I see you’re closing in on Mega Corp, the company in the number one spot.” Wow. Who wouldn’t hire you?

Another source of employer information is Vault, Although access to Vault’s Gold Surveys requires a subscription, Vault provides a lot of free details about companies. One of the many terrific things about the site is that you can search by company or browse by industry.

At Vault you’ll find facts and figures that can help with your decision-making process and contribute to more successful interviews.

To get the lowdown on how workers view particular companies, visit JobVent,, a site where employees share their job experiences. Keep in mind the site leans toward the negative because people typically vent when they’re unhappy.

Finally, if there’s a particular issue you want to research about a potential employer, try entering the organization’s name and a brief description of the issue at search engine Google. Thanks to social networking sites and the proliferation of online discussions, you’re likely to find someone talking about your topic.

Making a Decision

Once you’ve researched a potential employer, you’re in a position to make an informed decision-about whether you should apply for or take a position with the organization.

And, hey, thanks to technology, your investigative work has been done from the comfort of your home.

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By Paula Santonocito SMW Women's Career & Job Advice

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