Friday, October 23, 2009

Job Hunting With Social Media 101


There are a wonderful array of tools to create a resume on-line. You should think about who you’re going to be talking to and create a resume that suits the need. Maybe you’ll have a different resume for each field you’re qualified in.

VisualCV - Lets a job seeker create a resume and upload portfolio items, PPT slide sets, Audio or Video to enhance the presentation. Layout is modifiable and the user can download as a PDF to print or email.

Razume helps a job seeker build your resume and then you can get crowd-source reviews from other users in the community. Fine tuning with this kind of input from your peers can really make a difference. The site also offers job search right on the site.

ResumeSocial is a social resume community similar to Razume, but it’s got the added benefit of user reviews of your cover letters, follow ups job search and a career center with useful tips and info.


Some networks will be more useful than others depending on what your needs are. You may want to look at some forums or blogs where people in your industry hang out. If your business is corporate, you may want to connect on the professional networks like Xing and Linkedin.


One of the best possible tools for networking with fellow business people. Set up your profile before you do anything else. Get a picture and your resume up to date. If you have a visual CV, link to it. Use the tools available on Linkedin to show off your Power point slides through Slideshare. Import your blog rss feed or your twitter stream.

Now go through your contact databases and start connecting with people. Once connected, take the time to look for the real gems you’ve worked with and give them a recommendation on the site. Do not expect they will automatically recommend you back–but if it’s appropriate–ask for a recommendation. If a former employer or co-worker turns up, connect first, ask for a recommendation second. Not everybody responds to requests like this quickly. It can take a week or more to hear back from some, so be patient. If you’re in a hurry and you have their contact info email them directly and tell them you’re on the market, what kind of job you’re looking for and ask them to post a recommendation. Don’t be shy.

Linkedin Answers are another way to get out there. Answer questions in your field with thoughtful and helpful answers. Ask provocative questions that show you’re at the top of your field. Scan both questions and answers for people you want to connect with and message them through inmail or the QA system. Think your responses out carefully. Fact check and check for typos before it goes live. Don’t be obviously self promotional. This is the age of “give before you get” and you need to be giving, useful and helpful at all times.

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