Friday, October 23, 2009

3 Things That Will Get You Hired

How to get it right for the hiring manager:

Create a talent-based resume. Present your primary talents on the resume. Explain what you are good at and how you have used these talents in other jobs. This shows the hiring manager that you understand what activates your performance and can see the impact of it in what you have done in the workplace.

2. Fit.

Once you have defined your talents (what you are good at), determine which jobs, roles or responsibilities need your specific talents and strengths. These jobs will provide an engaging environment where you get to do what you are naturally good at and what you love. These environments activate and inspire your greatest performance. Fit is critical for both performance and value.

As you can see not only will you need to know your talents, but you will also need to assess the critical talents for the jobs you are applying for. Fit relates to the matching of your talents to the talents needed to be successful in the job.

Let’s say your talents (natural thinking and strengths) are more social and relationship-based. Roles in sales, service, healthcare and the arts are therefore a better fit than roles that require more linear, analytical and detailed thinking such as accounting, auditing, engineering and IT. Not only will you be better at relationship-building and social contact, but these jobs will also appeal more. Consider what a salesman thinks of an accounting job, or what an accountant thinks of a sales job. Neither would be inspired to their greatest performance by the other’s work responsibilities. Hiring managers know this. Fit matters. The more closely the job fits your talents and strengths, the greater you perform.

How to get it right for the hiring manager:

The hiring manager is very interested in a job seeker’s fit. Most of today’s current resumes don’t provide the “fit” component. The way to stand out and get hired is to assess the talents needed to be successful in the job, and then to openly compare them to your talents. Show this comparison. This makes the review process more effective and more accurate. This is part of the critical information the hiring manager needs.

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