Friday, October 23, 2009

Facebook Job Hunting in 3 Steps

2) Develop and Stand By A Friend Strategy

Once you become Facebook friends with another user, their access to you and your content can significantly increase. Decide if you want to limit Facebook friends, just to “friends and family” or to expand it to include business contacts.

If you do decide to include business contacts, learn how to use the Facebook lists functionality. Similar to Twitter and now LinkedIn, you can organize your connections by category. Then, when sharing updates, you can decide to send them to everyone, or just portions of your contacts. As a job seeker you need to think about who sees what.

And, triple check your privacy settings. When I think about my Facebook friends, my younger brother comes to mind. He has a tendency to post updates that are less than professional and I would not want any business contacts to see them. And, my sister loves to post old pictures of me growing up which are not always very flattering. (Thanks Sis!) My guess is that you have friends and family that also use Facebook like this. So, triple check your privacy settings if you decide to include business contacts as Facebook friends.

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