Friday, October 23, 2009

College students should prepare to secure jobs after graduation

Get your resume ready now – you are selling yourself to employers and need to create a resume that is short and to the point, show why you are the best person for the job. Employers aren't willing to sit and read a novel about you, so keep it short. They should be able to see your qualifications for only their position, so tailor the resume accordingly.

Take advantage of school resources while you can – the Career Services Center is always available to help with resume writing and job interviewing tips. Don't be afraid to stop and ask for help.

Network – any friend made in college is a potential reference for a job in the future, so stay in contact. This includes professors who may know where your best career move could be.

Look for some related experience – find a possible internship or a place to volunteer this semester. It may be hard to find late in your college career, but it doesn't hurt to look.

Start wherever you can – when the job hunt begins, it is unlikely your dream job will be available to you. Don't expect to go from being a college graduate straight to being a big-time stock broker on Wall Street. Even if the job isn't in your field of study, don't be afraid to have an open mind.

Follow up – if you don't hear anything after an interview, call back and see if the position was filled. If they haven't made a decision, your name will be fresh in their minds when they do.

Don't be afraid to relocate – if your gut tells you the only job worth taking is 600 miles way, then take it. Even if you plan on quitting the job, it is great to put on a resume. Relocating shows that you are committed and a team player.

You can quit your job – your first job doesn't mean it's your last one. Don't stress about not getting the job you want, remember you can leave at any time. Treat these entry jobs as resume boosters and move on.

The most important thing you can do is keep a positive outlook.

An opportunity can present itself at any time; always be prepared.

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