Friday, October 23, 2009

College Seniors Speak Out - are schools helpful for job hunting?

NGL: “The common statistic that we see on TV and the Internet is that roughly 80% of 2009 College graduates are unemployed. How do you feel about graduating in 2010? What are your plans?”

Ashley: “I’m really worried. I already did an internship so hopefully that will help me out a lot….but I realize that it’s tough. I mean I really don’t know how long it’ll take to get a job in this economy. I actually don’t believe the 80% thing though. When 20% are “employed” what does that mean? That they are waiters and sales associates? I don’t buy it. I'm just gonna brush up my resume and interview skills and do my best.”
Omar: “I got a few contacts in job fairs so I’m pretty optimistic, but I may be an exception, a really really small exception. I am also going to attend networking events to increase my contacts, but there still lies the problem that not only are we competing amongst each other, but also baby boomers who were laid off and are willing to work for less pay. How can we compete against experience like that? It’s crazy.”
Sonia: “I don’t know what to do honestly because the worst thing is not just that you’ll be unemployed, you have all this debt hanging over your head. And the grace period will end soon enough. Worst comes to worst I’ll have to get some part-time job somewhere to pay for my costs and live with my parents, but getting a part-time job might be a struggle also. To be honest I am just going to turn to the Internet for advice regarding job hunting strategies and those kinds of things.”

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