Friday, October 23, 2009

College Seniors Speak Out - are schools helpful for job hunting?

NGL: “What’s one thing you’d recommend Career Centers do to better serve students?”

Ashley: “Have your own job board. I know some Universities actually do this and it’s pretty awesome. Usually they partner with some big job board company and draw in entry-level listings.”
Omar: “Give more hands-on stuff: mock interviews, workshops. I would even go for as to say bring in a guest speaker… a past hiring manager for a big company. They really know what you need to do to get noticed as a job applicant.”
Sonia: “All Universities have to start emphasizing networking way more. Both in person, and online. Most people I have met have never even heard of LinkedIn! What are you supposed to actually say at a networking event? How can you not seem not so desperate? You know? That sort of stuff.”

NGL: “Let’s talk news. We see lots of stories popping up lately where Students are suing their schools because they can’t land jobs, what do you think?”

Ashley: “Really, really, stupid! What are they thinking? I think it’s way more embarrassing for the student themselves than the University. The lawsuits are just ridiculous to me.”
Omar: “I laughed when I first read a story…..I think it was a year ago, of this girl who sued her University for the entire cost of her tuition. Schools are not here to give you jobs, they give you degrees. People don’t realize that.”
Sonia: “I can understand where the Students are coming from, but they are really just taking their anger out on the schools where they learned so much….it’s just silly. What do they expect from a University, a job? No, you get your degree and THEN, if you know to network with people, write a good resume, and interview well, you can maybe land a job.”

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