Friday, October 23, 2009

Ignore The Economy, College Grads

Study up on industries that are booming and pay attention if there’s something new. I say “new” because it’s usually tech, medicine, education, and finance (although you could make arguments about the last one there). How often do you read the news and find out that the mystery shopper industry or zoo industry is booming? The big industries I mentioned will always make the Yahoo! Homepage for “Top Industries For Job Hunters” week after week because they are the most absolute basic, necessary industries that really do make the country go round and round. That doesn’t mean you should ignore niche industries; in fact when you’re looking for your very first job as a college graduate you shouldn’t just cast a wide net, you should cast a spider web the size of Texas looking to snag anything and everything.

Lastly, the short stories you read about recent new graduates who are waiting tables, who have moved in back with their parents, or who have gone back to school to shield themselves from the economic storm are abundant. None of these stories will help you land a job; it’s just that when you are pessimistic, more pessimism feels good for some reason (misery loves company, duh). These stories are simply stories: tales that media outlets pump out that grab your attention. I don’t blame media outlets; they feed us what we are interested in reading and I get that. However, start reading the “college grad starts a business” stories or the stories where a new grad finally gets a job because they were willing to do internship after internship. These lives exist as well, believe me it’s not all doom and gloom around us.

If you are job hunting and are negative about it right now, negative news compounded with a negative economy cannot make your situation better. Discover the facts, but don’t dwell on them. Strive forward and do your own thing – and remember to be patient. Good luck, new grads!
What are some of the stories you've read about the job market for new grads? How do you deal with it? Comment below!

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