Friday, October 23, 2009

College grads sharing job search advice

“The important thing is to be patient,” she advises recent graduates. “The other thing I would say is that your bachelor’s degree doesn’t really dictate what you have to go into.”

Proulx said she majored in education, but when it came to looking for jobs she decided to look “outside the box.”

“I don’t actually have to teach right now, but I can still use my bachelor’s degree,” she said.

Proulx also advises students who will be seniors in the fall to make connections in the field they plan to pursue.

“For me, it was working at (BU) so that I became a face they know,” she said. “Any little entry level position you can get into is a huge part of making those important connections.”

“The world is also a lot about who you know, along with your qualifications,” Proulx said. “Sometimes just looking nice on paper isn’t enough.”

Another recent graduate from BU’s School of Education also credits her work and volunteer experiences during college as key to securing the job she has now.

Jane Horstmann will begin teaching at a charter school in Washington, D.C., in the fall. “I started out as a journalism major,” Horstmann said, “but I had a work study job teaching adults in a family literacy program in Chelsea.”

While there, she realized her passion was teaching. Throughout her time at BU, Horstmann continued to work hard to build up her resume.

“I volunteered in education working with preschoolers, high-schoolers and adults,” she said. “It made me well-rounded.”

As recent graduates continue their job search, Proulx and Horstmann advise tailoring resumes to meet the requirements of the job a person is applying for.

And to others who haven’t yet graduated, they both say, “Don’t wait.”

“Start looking for jobs as soon as the beginning of your spring semester (senior year),” Proulx said, “and have the resume just in case. You dont want to be rushing the night before and it’s good to have it in case an opportunity presents itself.”

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