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Civil Service: another option for college grads

Types of Civil Service Jobs

The types of civil service jobs that you can have might surprise you. Almost every occupation that is available in the private sector is also available in the public/civil service sector. For instance, the majority of teachers, public safety professionals and librarians work in the public/civil service area. Here are the federal government categories and what they oversee. The jobs that are available in each area are plentiful.

Federal Government Employment

• Agriculture: oversees anti-hunger campaigns
• Commerce: helps increase economic growth
• Defense: manages the armed forces*
• Education: supports educational institutions
• Energy: manages energy resources
• Health and human services: manages social services
• Homeland security: protects the country and handles immigration*
• Housing and urban development: oversees issues relating to public housing
• Interior: manages conservation programs
• Justice: finds, prosecutes and attempts to prevent crime
• Labor: oversees issues related to the workplace
• State: issues passports and runs embassies and consulates
• Transportation: plans and constructs roads
• Treasury: collects taxes, prints money and oversees banks

*Veterans’ affairs: assists veterans and their families
*Denotes the fastest growing area of federal government employment

Civil Service Employment Wrap Up

Historically, government jobs have been highly sought after because of their security, excellent benefits and vacation packages. Unfortunately, due to the economic downturn, downsizing in the public sector has occurred in recent years. I advise for you to learn more about the different civil service areas to find out which one interests you. Keeping an open mind and educating yourself in as many areas possible is the best way to find the career that is right for you.

If you would like information on specific job vacancies or to request applications and other forms check out the U.S. Office of Personnel Management’s website, USAJOBS, at

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