Friday, October 23, 2009

Career Centers Help Students Focus

For students in the early years of their collegiate career, internships may not be an option.

For students like Ryan Goetz, a freshman majoring in pre-pharmacy, the chances of attaining an internship in their chosen field with no classroom experience are slim.

Goetz said he hopes to be employed at McDonald's. "Right now I guess I'm looking at various fast food places," he said.

When the need for money has to take a momentary backseat to career goals, fast food venues are the easier alternative. Some students, like senior theater major Ashton Carr, have a need for both.

"I have a very, very flexible work schedule," Carr said.

Along with working part time at B&D Burgers, Carr belongs to AASU's theater troupe, the Masquers, and also auditions around town.

Carr said she was able to have such a flexible schedule at her job because she let her managers know she was someone they could trust by building credibility.

"The easiest jobs to balance are getting a campus job, because they know your schedule and have to follow it, and waiting tables," she said. "It's already understood that you're a student, and they have no choice but to work around your school schedule."

Wilson said Career Services also helps with getting on-campus jobs and work-studies. They can also advise students on how to balance their schedules and focus on priorities.

Being focused on school and work leads Carr to make her social life less of a priority.

"I don't go out as much as I would like," she said. "Sometimes I have to sacrifice having fun."

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