Friday, October 23, 2009

Average Starting Salary for New Grads Slips 1.3 Percent

Within the engineering fields, chemical engineering graduates enjoyed a 1.1 percent increase, for an average offer of $65,628, but many of the disciplines—including computer engineering, electrical engineering, and mechanical engineering—saw their average offers decrease. Computer engineering graduates saw the biggest decrease in the group: Their average offer fell 2.9 percent to $59,917. Electrical engineering graduates’ average salary offer dropped 1.2 percent to $59,381, and the average offer to mechanical engineering graduates dipped less than 1 percent to $58,457.

As a group, those earning degrees in the liberal arts saw their average offer fall 3.9 percent to $34,747. However, some of the individual disciplines in the liberal arts category fared better. English majors, for example, saw their average offer climb 7.1 percent to $37,154, and the average offer to sociology grads rose 5.7 percent to $35,173.

History and psychology graduates landed on the other end of the scale, with decreases to their average salary offers of 2.1 percent and 5.6 percent, respectively. The average offer for history majors currently stands at $37,055 and at $32,358 for psychology majors.

NACE will continue to track the movement of starting salary offers to Class of 2010 graduates through its Salary Survey report. The final report for the Class of 2010 will be published in September.

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