Friday, October 23, 2009

9 Reasons You Didn't Get The Job

The Company Isn’t Really Serious About Filling The Position

The hiring manager has been complaining about needing another headcount for months, years maybe. Upper Management finally gets tired of listening to the complaints and gives the hiring manager permission to recruit for the position. But then somehow, after hundreds of hours are sunk in the process, Upper Management never quite gets around to actually green-lighting the hire.

Or, the company has an ongoing "Cattle Call" where they continually troll the metro area looking for the absolutely cheapest people they can find. The work environment is awful stemming from their corporate practice of treating staff like toilet paper, use once, flush. So they're always on the lookout for a new batch of suckers, er prospective employees. If the hiring process has inexplicably convoluted hoops you have to jump through, it may be they're just testing the level of crap you'll put up with, or the level of desperation to which you've sunk. Either way give these folks a pass.

The World Is Made Of Snow

One nonsensical specious irrational crazytown reason is as good as another. Maybe it was unusual sunspot activity. Barometric pressure too high or too low. There was a lion outside. You were wearing a striped tie. You weren't wearing a striped tie. You used black ink on your application. You used blue ink on your application. You get the idea.

And The Secret Is?

So, you ask, what’s the secret? How do I escape these circles of job-hunting hell? You don’t. To find a job, you have to eat a cubic yard of manure. There’s no way around it, you just have to grab your spoon and dig in.

You can, however, protect your time by refusing to be abused. If Ken, Barbie, or the hiring manager are jerking you around, don’t be afraid to drop out of the process if you strongly intuit it’s really going nowhere. Decide in advance what your limits are. (I won’t travel out of town for an interview unless my travel and lodging are reimbursed. This may have cost me a few interviews, but I’m certain it hasn’t cost me any jobs).

Protect your sanity by remembering it really isn’t about you. As long as you covered the fundamentals (shoes shined, teeth brushed, don't stick anyone in the eye with a pencil) there was nothing more you could do. Eventually the law of averages has to play out in your favor and you'll get that coveted offer for a job paying merely 40% less than your previous gig.

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