Friday, October 23, 2009

8 New Techniques to Land a Job

5. Keep it positive.

A long and vexing job search can test your pride, patience and self-confidence. The key is to recognize those feelings of doubt, accept that they are part of the job-hunting course, and redirect your energy back to your professional goals. Rather than thinking, "I'll never get a job," say, "I haven't yet found the right job but I will."

6. Hit the club scene.

Many job seekers rely solely on family and friends for emotional support. But there are other helpful outlets that offer opportunities to vent (or even laugh) about the trials and tribulations of an extended search for work. Job club members meet to share war stories, employment leads, interviewing tips and more. Look online for groups in your area.

7. Ask why.

If you interviewed for a job but were turned down, follow up with the company and ask why you didn't land the position. Rather than trying to convince the interviewer that the company made a mistake by not hiring you, solicit constructive criticism that can help you refine your approach. Ask the employer about areas that need improvement. Example: "What skills do you suggest I build in order to be considered for positions like this one?" Learning how you are perceived will help you in future interviews and networking situations.

8. Relax.

It's important to keep your job search active, but not at the expense of your own sanity. Take respites to keep your spirits and energy level high. Unchecked stress can feed on itself, so make time for enjoyable pursuits. Go away with your family for a couple of days, treat yourself to a nice meal or simply place all applications aside for one weekend. You'll come back to your search with new perspectives and strategies. While keeping up your spirits during an extended job search can be difficult, you certainly aren't alone. At some point, most professionals will ride the highs and lows associated with finding a new position. If you're hunting for a job now, use the tips above to keep your search on track and your head up. Success is just around the corner.

So what do you think of these 8 tips? Any tips of your own to add? Comment below!

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