Friday, October 23, 2009

8 Dumb Interview Mistakes New Grads Make

5. Not asking good questions during the interview (50%) If you don't ask anything, you must not be interested. That's what the hiring manager will assume. This is a place where you supposedly want to spend most of your waking hours for the next couple years or more. You must want to know something. Besides, there are certain questions you should always ask.

6. Asking what the pay is before the company considered them for the job (39%) Mentioning salary in a first interview is like asking your crush what s/he plans to spend on you during your relationship – before you've even agreed on a second date. You have to flirt and make sure they're attracted to you before you ask about a financial commitment. (No, not literally! That'd be a whole other dumbass move.)

7. Spamming employers with the same resume and/or cover letter (23%) This guy John really, really wants to work for Company A, so he applies for every job opening Company A posts, whether he's qualified or not. Annoyed by John's never-ending resume spam, Company A's recruiters unofficially blacklist him (although if asked, they'll deny it). Don't be like John. Tailor your resume for the one or two jobs at your target company that align with your skills.

8. Failure to remove unprofessional photos/content from social networking pages, Web pages, blogs, etc. (20%) Dude, you will be Googled. Employers today use every means at their disposal to uncover red flags that might foretell a bad hire. So, hide all Internet evidence of your past (and present) indiscretions. The transition from college to the real world is tough, and our mistakes are good teachers. Commiting one of these eight blunders doesn't mean you're doomed, nor does avoiding them guarantee you’ll get the job. But generally speaking, it's fair to say less dumbass leads to more job offers.

Do you think these complaints are fair? Have you committed any of these sins? Let us know about your own dumbass interview moves.

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