Friday, October 23, 2009

7 Ways to Get a Job Using LinkedIn

6. Contact the HR: Did you finally trace out the company which is still hiring your kind of job? Great! Now, find out who among your network is working there. How are they linked to you? Are they a first degree contact or second or third? Get in touch with them through your friend or a person in your network and pass on your resume. Usually, a resume from a coworker is paid more attention.

7. Grow your network first: Well this should have been done the first and foremost. Grow your network. How do you grow?

1. Have a complete LinkedIn profile.
2. Get as many co-workers, ex-colleagues and friends into your network
3. Start Groups
4. Join Groups
5. Create Polls
6. Join Discussions
7. Interact through Questions & Answers
8. Find out who on your GTalk, Yahoo Messenger or MSN Messenger may be on Linked In and add them up.
9. Get testimonials
10. Add your blog to Applications

Don’ts in Linked In

1. Some friends or blogs can give you a tip to update your LinkedIn “Status Update” mentioning that you are searching for a job. DON’T DO THAT!!. Remember, most of your bosses and fellow workers are already on LinkedIn and do you want them to know you are not pleased with your current company and want to move out? You decide!!

2. Do not try to contact people in LinkedIn mentioning about your friend who is their first degree contact unless you get an approval from your friend.

The list is endless. Your network can grow as much as your mind can think. And there is no limit to your thoughts.

All the best in your job search!!

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