Friday, October 23, 2009

7 Ways to Stay Motivated During Your Job Search

Don't Take Job Rejection Personally.
Let's face it; as much as we'd like to disagree, there is always someone out there who can do a better job than you. While this may sound really negative, it is in fact a drive that motivates us all. Healthy competition is what forces us to get back up, dust ourselves off and try again. Job rejection is a sure way to send you and your motivation packing. The trick to looking for a new job is not to take application rejection personally. Recruiters and employers have a very specific picture in their head about the person they want to hire. It may be something small or relatively significant that deters a recruiter from short listing you. While this may not be pleasant, although this job application may not have worked out, there is one out there with your name on it. Try to get feedback as to why your job application was unsuccessful. By identifying areas of where your application is weak, you are able to work on these areas and improve them for future job applications.

Visualize Your Job Search Success.
The best way to boost your job search motivation is by visualization. Hold a fixed picture of your desired job search outcome in your mind's eye. The more clearly you visualize a positive outcome, the sooner this outcome will occur. It is said that the energy that you put into your job search is what you get back, almost like Karma. Use positive affirmations and visualizations to secure positive job search results.

It is ultimately up to you to stay motivated and positive when entering the job search market. In fact one of my all time favorite quotes is; "Your career altitude is determined by your attitude". Maintain a positive job search attitude and you will have the stamina to endure any job search process.

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