Friday, October 23, 2009

7 Resume Mistakes You Didn't Realize

Resume Mistake #6 – Writing about Everything (Including the Kitchen Sink)

Think of your resume as a brochure, not a product catalog. It doesn’t have to tell your entire story – just the parts that will help you find your next position. So be selective about what to include.

Don’t mention experiences and accomplishments that have nothing to do with your career goals. Don’t include outdated skills or computer knowledge.

Also avoid including personal information. Don’t detail your marital status, age or the number of children you have. Don’t mention non-professional affiliations such as political or religious volunteer work unless it directly relates to the position you are applying for.

Information like this runs the risk of turning the reader off. However proud you are of personal achievements, you should not run the risk of alienating someone before you even have your foot in the door.

Resume Mistake #7 – Not Having a Clear Focus

This is absolutely essential. You cannot appeal to a target audience until you know who that audience is. You must determine the types of positions you’re seeking and identify what is important to hiring managers filling those roles.

If you have several different career goals, create several different resumes, each one carefully targeted to appeal to employers in that field.

If you try to appeal to very diverse audience with one resume, you will simply wind up appealing to none of them.

In Summary

When you send your resume out, it must speak articulately for you. You can’t explain inconsistencies, clear up confusion or fill in things that are missing. Your resume has to make your sales pitch in a clear and compelling manner within 20 seconds. Invest the time to make it exceptional and you will see an immediate increase in the response rate.

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