Friday, October 23, 2009

7 Deadly Mindsets and Ineffective Job Search Habits

5. Having tunnel vision.

Have your 2-3 page resume, in addition to a one-page networking biography, a career biography, etc. If your job search is multifaceted, as it should be, there are numerous documents that will play a part in your strategy.

6. Being a recluse.

Don’t be overly internally focused to the extent that you’ve shut yourself off from knowing what’s going on in your industry or other industries that are of potential interest. Keep up with trends, industry evolutions, and other changes.

7. Functioning as an introvert.

Networking is a huge part of your job search campaign. Nearly 85% of job leads aren’t advertised, so meeting more people will lead to learning about new opportunities. The majority of your time should be spent meeting other people and building relationships, because this will lead to results.

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