Friday, October 23, 2009

6 Words That Kill Your Resume

5. Problem-Solver. Can I just say that this is a given… We are ALL problem solvers. If you are human, you are a problem solver it is just part of human nature. Does it really need to be said on your resume? I think not. Instead try: Troubleshooter, Forward-Thinking, or Visionary Leader.

6. And last but not least Dedicated and Dependable. Again I have to say boring, boring, boring. Spice up your resume with something creative. Instead try: High-Potential, Quality-Driven, and Dynamic.

As a job seeker, what are some other words that you think are overused on resumes these days?
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Jessica Holbrook is a former Executive Hiring Manager for Fortune 500 companies and President/CEO of Great Resumes Fast. She creates powerful, customized, and targeted resumes that are guaranteed to get her clients interviews. For a free resume analysis visit or for a free phone consultation call 1.877.875.7706.

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