Friday, October 23, 2009

6 Signs Your Job Interview Went Well

4. You discussed personal stuff.

This is maybe the best indicator. As I’ve said before, a job interview is largely about personality… even more so than skills or qualifications. If you start chatting away with the interviewer about this thing or that thing… if you’re sharing jokes and laughs, you’re probably home free. If you feel like the interviewer got to like you on a personal or professional level, that’s the best indication you can get.

5. The interviewer describes their frustration with the previous employee.

If the interviewer begins to talk about how poorly the last guy did in your position, then that’s a good indication that they’ve decided you can do a better job. If you find the interviewer comparing you favorably to previous or existing employees, then you’ve likely done a good job of selling yourself as qualified.

6. You begin plotting with the interviewer.

The best interviews I’ve ever had were the ones where we were already making plans for the things I would be doing once I started. I had not only sold myself, I had sold a game plan for the improvements I would be bringing to the position… and the interviewer had bought what I was selling. “I can’t wait for you to get started overhauling that inventory system. Do you think you might have any ideas for our shipping system as well?” That’s what you want to hear.

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