Friday, October 23, 2009

6 Job Networking Tips for New Grads

3. Brand yourself with an “elevator speech”

It is necessary to create a brief 30-second speech in order to project a personal brand that sets you apart from other recent graduates seeking employment. If you haven’t had a corporate job yet, it will be hard to come up with a title for yourself, so focus on your skills and recent experience.

4. Be clear about your short-term and long-term career goals

It is very important for entry level job seekers to know the field and industry they want to get into. A good formula for articulating one’s career goals is by stating the position you are looking for, your skills, and qualities you look for in a company. An example would be:

“I want to obtain a marketing coordinator position where I can utilize my creativity and communication skills in a growing company that offers performance-based advancement.”

5. Don’t ask for a job, they’ll ask you

     The ultimate goal of the job networking event for a recent college graduate may be to get a job, but they should never flat-out ask someone they just met for one. Instead, asking questions about the employer, showing knowledge about the industry and company, and talking about personal skills and qualifications will yield the best results. After this is done, a good way to inquire about jobs is to ask for advice on how to break into the industry. Most people will be kind enough to give the job seeker some insightful advice. Lastly, it is absolutely crucial to ask for referrals as well. If the company representative likes you, they may even suggest that they act as your referral for that particular company.

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