Friday, October 23, 2009

50 Tips To Get Your Resume Read

10. Make it a PDF. While not necessary, sending your resume as a PDF ensures that the formatting remains the same on any computer.

11. It can be more than a page. Don’t sacrifice readability to cram your entire job history onto one page. There’s no consensus on length, but for most entry-level seekers, one page will do. Two pages will usually suffice for mid-career professionals, and three to four page resumes are generally reserved for executive and senior management positions.

12. Layout templates aren’t necessary. While layout templates seem like a great idea, they may not be the best way to present your own information. Find a layout that works for you.

Communicate Clearly

13. Be strong. Use strong action verbs and resist the urge to make your resume read like a job description. Highlight your actual job performance.

14. Forget buzz words. They usually don’t say anything of substance and HR people know that they’re used as filler. Instead, use terms specific to your field, and show your employer that you really know what you’re talking about.

15. Be positive. Show your enthusiasm in your great attitude. Negativity is a turn off to employers, just as it is in so many other aspects of life.

16. Show, don’t tell. Include facts, and tangible results to demonstrate what you’re capable of.

17. Highlight important numbers. Percentages, dollar amounts, sales figures, if you’ve got them, use them. These are great, solid data points that clearly convey your experience, even across industries.

18. Get past the scanners. With a growing number of employers using scanning technology to help manage resume submissions, take extra care to use language to get past the bots. Take your cues from the job description and pull keywords from there.

19. Make it readable. Even the most amazing candidate’s resume will be ignored if it’s too dense, misspelled, or oddly formatted for the HR person to get through.

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