Friday, October 23, 2009

50 Tips To Get Your Resume Read

Inject a Personal Touch

20. Personalize your cover letters. LinkedIn, company websites, and Google are your friend. Do whatever it takes to start your letter with something other than, “To Whom It May Concern.”

21. Inject some personality. While your relevant job skills are the most important, employers like to know that they’re hiring a well rounded employee, with a range of interests and skills. Don’t be afraid to mention leadership positions, hobbies, or other notable nuggets of information. This is especially helpful for entry level job seekers, who don’t have much work experience.

22. Name drop. If you’ve got a connection to someone within the company, let HR know by including a brief line in your cover letter.

23. Write a great cover letter. A great cover letter can get your resume read and in some cases can help bolster a weak resume. This is an excellent place to show some personality.

24. Don’t get too clever. It’s great to have a sense of humor, but if you go overboard with email subject lines or resume content that is more clever than relevant, you could get weeded out by automated filters.

25. Show how valuable you are. Desirable candidates are those who consistently produce great results for their former employers. Highlight your accomplishments, and then back it up with hard facts.

26. Resist the urge to go overboard. While employees want to see your personality, they don’t want to open emails with unnecessary sound and graphics. Let your personality shine in other ways.

Do Your Research

27. All jobs are not equal. It’s not necessary to give the same level of importance to all of your previous jobs. Emphasize the ones that are relevant to the position.

28. Quality trumps quantity. By researching and applying only to the positions that match your qualifications and career goals, you’ll find greater success and minimize heartache. You’re not looking for any job, you’re looking for the right job.

29. Research, research, research. It’s not enough to do a quick scan of the job listing. Familiarize yourself with the position, the industry, and the employer.

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