Friday, October 23, 2009

50 Tips To Get Your Resume Read

30. Being qualified isn’t good enough. Showing specific knowledge on your resume demonstrates that you’re a serious candidate and gives you an edge over other candidates who simply meet the minimum requirements.

31. Highlight your contributions. With the specific knowledge of the industry and employer, you can show on your resume how you brought added-value to your previous jobs and what you can bring to this new job.

32. Explain obscure information. If you are applying to a position outside of your usual field, the person reading your resume might not have a full appreciation of your former duties. You can remedy this by including a few sentences of explanation under each job title.

Get Cozy with Technology

33. Provide links. Don’t just say that you have a blog/Twitter/LinkedIn.

34. Reach out through social media. Sending a quick tweet about your application to a company’s Twitter is a great way to convey your enthusiasm about their job opening and differentiate yourself from the pack.

35. Have a professional email. Use an email address that includes some variation of your name. Register for a new account if necessary.

36. Write something in the message body. Even if sending your cover letter and resume as attachments, don’t forget to include a short note in the body of the message.

37. Go one step further. Paste your cover letter in the body of the message. This puts your info front and center and saves the HR person the extra step of opening a file.

38. Name your file appropriately. Don’t forget that the name of your attachments will appear in employers’ inboxes.

39. Use a subject line that works. When sending in a resume via email, make sure to use a clear subject line that indicates that you are a job seeker.

40. Create a professional email signature. While you’re contact info should be on all of your materials, having it in the body of your email allows the HR person to see your info at a glance.

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