Friday, October 23, 2009

50 Job Search Tips That Work

26. Pronounce Your Interviewer’s Name Correctly: Before the interview, ask the receptionist/secretary to help you with difficult pronunciations. Correctly pronouncing your interviewer’s name will make you stand out from the crowd.
27. Show Interest in the Team: Include several questions about the team you will be joining. Get a clear picture of roles and ask if anyone internally is interviewing for the position.
28. Understand Why the Position Is Vacant: Politely probe why the last person left the position. This question demonstrates your thorough preparation and may uncover any red flags you should follow-up on.

29. Keep Standing: More people may be participating in your interview. Avoid awkward seat shuffling by waiting to be directed to your seat.
30. Ask About the Culture: Ask smart and probing questions about the culture and values of the company. This demonstrates that you care and desire to make a positive contribution.

After The Interview

31. Follow-up on Shaky Answers: Note questions that you didn’t have a good answer for in the interview. Follow-up with a clarified answer in your thank you note.
32. The Little Things Count: Always send a follow up email and handwritten note. You’ll be surprised by how many candidates overlook this step.
33. Thank You Notes: Thank you notes are a lost art. Pay extra attention to them and you’ll stand out from the crowd. Consider adding custom graphics to thank you emails or using personalized stationary for written notes.
34. Ask For the Job: Take the initiative. Remember that “fortune favors the bold.” If you feel that the interview went especially well, make it clear that you want to work there. You never know – you might get hired on the spot!


35. Treat the Job Search Process Like a Job: Schedule your day, set goals and objectives, and make a focused effort every weekday. Remember that the most persistent get hired.
36. Personality Wins: Always make sure to inject a certain balance of humor into your job interview. Your personality is equally important.
37. Sell Yourself: Don’t be shy about your accomplishments and achievements.

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