Friday, October 23, 2009

50 Job Search Tips That Work

38. Stay Positive and Smile: Employers want positive and upbeat team players. Put your attitude on display with a smile and an optimistic outlook.
39. Make a Memorable Impression on Everyone: Shake hands and say thank you to everyone you meet, from the hiring manager to the receptionist.
40. Firm Handshake: You can’t go wrong with delivering a solid handshake. Remember – firm, not bone-crushing.
41. Think Win/Win: Remember that you must solve a problem for the employer to get the position. Know how your unique experience and skills benefits the employer.
42. Stay Patient and Optimistic: The job market is tough right now. The most persistent and optimistic candidates have the best chances of landing a position.

Using Social Media

43. Start a Blog: Blogs are an excellent way to demonstrate your writing skills. Also, use the blog to talk about your hobbies and interests.
44. Clean Up Your Social Media Profiles: If you use Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter profiles, make sure you review them to make sure they are professional and ready for employer scrutiny.
45. Make Your Resume Shareable: Online resumes are a great way to demonstrate your technical prowess. Go ahead and include a Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook button to make your resume easy to share.
46. Create a Professional List on Facebook: Set up a specific list of professional contacts to help keep your job search separate from your personal account profiles. This isn’t fool-proof but it will help.
47. Use Facebook Groups for Networking: Search Facebook for relevant professional groups. Get involved and contribute to the group before you start actively networking for job opportunities.
48. Be Proactive on Twitter: Follow the Twitter streams of prospective employers. Many companies also maintain career-specific accounts that could give you advance notice of great opportunities.

49. Create a Video Resume and Upload It to YouTube: A video resume is simply a 5-6 minute video of you discussing your past positions and accomplishments. This is an excellent way to stand out if you feel comfortable on camera.
50. Focus on LinkedIn: LinkedIn is the #1 resource for job seekers and employers. Spending time mastering this tool is well worth the investment. A simple search for “LinkedIn Tips” will deliver a wealth of excellent information.

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