Friday, October 23, 2009

5 Ways To Turn Off A Hiring Manager

3. Show Them Who's Boss During the Interview

Arrive late so you can avoid sitting around waiting for the interviewer.

During the interview ask intelligent questions like "What does this company do?" When the interviewer describes what they do, respond: "Hiring me will help you people achieve some real success."

Explain how nothing they have been doing until this point has been particularly effective, which is why you'd never heard of them before you saw the ad for the job.

If asked what you could do for them, answer with vague generalizations.

Interrupt the interviewer repeatedly. If they try to say something while you're making a point, ignore them and keep talking loudly because it really isn't important what they say; what is important is that you get your point across.

Keep your cell phone on in case someone calls you during the interview with a better offer.

4. Follow-Up Repeatedly After the Interview

After the interview contact the interviewer and say you want feedback about how you did so they can reassure you that you did a great job.

If the interviewer is reluctant to talk, pressure them to give you information. Contact them repeatedly if necessary. This information could be helpful to you in future job searches.

Plus, if you don't like what the interviewer has to say, you can argue that their assessment of you is wrong. If you argue strongly enough, maybe you can convince them to hire you.

If an interviewer says they have given the job to someone else, insist they tell you why they chose that person instead of you. Then demand to speak to the company president to try to convince him to veto the interviewer's decision and give you the job.

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