Friday, October 23, 2009

5 Ways to Get a Job on Craigslist

3. Don't attach the cover letter in a word file as this is a mistake.

When you're sending me an email, understand that every other minute I'm getting another notice of new messages. If you send me a word file I will not open it. Say what you have to say in the email you're sending me.

4. As a title for the email use the title of the job you're applying to. 

Yes, it's good to use some initiative in the subject line to grab my attention, but I sort my email based on subject, and if you're not in the right subject, you're going to get lost.

Even though I appreciate attempts at getting my attention, I need to know what your email is about so I can sort them and put them in a single folder. I might lose your email if you don't mention the job you're applying to. You can get my attention with a fun title, but make sure you first mention the job you're applying to.

5. Be honest and open if you want to win me over. 

I'm always looking for people with potential and I respect it when people also tell me their failures. A lot of people just put a lot of BS in their resumes. While your accomplishments need to be presented, you should also use some modesty in your resume. Someone that admits that they also failed has a better chance of getting a call back than someone that says that they've always had success.

"I was the leader of a team that generated $200,000 worth of sales" 

That's OK, but I would rather get something like this:

During my last job I was the leader of a team of ten people. It was a lot of stress and sometimes I was in over my head. During the first month two of those ten people resigned. Even though we met the quota we had as a target, I was let go. I didn't know enough at the time, but after taking a few seminars on leadership training my mistakes are clear to me now. 

Which one should receive a call back from your point of view?

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