Friday, October 23, 2009

5 Tips for Your First "Real" Job

4) Be professional…always.
Professionalism is very important, especially when you are starting out. Whether you are going out to lunch with a co-worker, meeting a client for the first time, or in a meeting with your boss, you should always exude confidence and professionalism. This is a good habit to practice, and the effort you put in to being professional will pay off over time. You will find that you will be more respected than the co-worker who shows up late to meetings, makes inappropriate comments about other co-workers, or even has a messy desk. Sometimes it is the little things that count the most!

5) Keep track of what you do.
You may find yourself working on a variety of projects when you first start out – some which may seem unimportant. However, it is extremely helpful to keep track of everything you do – whether it is participating in a brainstorming session on how your company can utilize social media, reviewing financial statements for a client, planning a company or department event, or implementing an email marketing campaign. Keeping track of these things will make it easy to discuss what you have done in your position during your annual review, update your resume, or speak about your duties and responsibilities in an interview down the road.

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Author: Maria Peot

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