Friday, October 23, 2009

5 Tips for Crafting an Entry-Level Resume

4. Keep it short.

Entry-level job seekers will almost always need no more than a one-page resume that clearly communicates your objective, your education, your background, and your key skills. If you’ve been in school for a very long time and have ten part-time jobs behind you, there’s no need to spend two pages detailing every one of them. Focus on what’s most relevant for your search, and simply mention the others in a note at the end of your resume. (“Previous experience also includes roles as…”)

5. Use dynamic language and a good positioning statement.

Starting each sentence on your resume with a strong action verb will demonstrate your professionalism and clearly communicate your skills and experiences thus far. A positioning statement at the beginning of your resume, which encapsulates your skills, achievements, and objectives in a concise, attention-getting paragraph, will help readers see what your education and experience add up to—and why they make you such a promising candidate.

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