Friday, October 23, 2009

5 Resume-Writing Strategies for a Competitive Market

2 - Don't Bury the Lead.

As we used to say in journalism, get your critical information all up front and ready for the reader to absorb.

Just started a high-level MBA program? Get it on the front page. Held roles of increasing scope that lead to your destination as Sales Manager? Make it obvious.

Don't bury this type of key information on page 2 of your resume. The top half of the first page is prime "resume real estate," and your main qualifications deserve center stage here.

In addition, many job hunters benefit from a branding statement, which is a short sentence that serves as a marketing tagline. You can develop this sentence by jotting down some ideas on what you bring to the table, and how you achieve it.

A great branding tagline will tap into the heart of what you offer, such as these examples culled from the front-page position on professional resumes:

"Operations Leader Who Leverages Business Competencies to Create Profitable Ventures with Exceptional ROI"

"Account Executive Delivering Revenue Growth Through Strategic Relationship Building"

3 - Tell Your Whole Story.

Most job hunters are able to spout figures and facts about their achievements, but it's the story behind these accomplishments that will add weight to the resume.

Consider looking at your results in light of the C-A-R (Challenge-Action-Result) strategy, which asks you to describe the situation you faced at work (Challenge), what you did when faced with it (Action), and of course, the outcome (Result) that occurred.

The C-A-R formula is popular for a reason--these anecdotes can also form the basis for success stories that you can also use as a basis for your next interview.

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