Friday, October 23, 2009

5 Resume-Writing Strategies for a Competitive Market

4 - Carefully Format Your Presentation.

When creating a resume, it's important to differentiate yourself from both your direct competition, plus distinguish yourself from lower-level applicants--and this means that it is best to make your document DIFFERENT from all the others.

Searching the Internet for professional resume samples will show you that there are many choices for font, format, and graphics that give flair to a resume presentation.

Above all, refrain from using the classic Microsoft Word template for your resume. Doing so will make your qualifications blend in rather than stand out, and lay the foundation for poor results.

5 - Use Those Glowing References.

Got testimonials? If so, you're in good shape, as these form a key part of a successful personal brand.

Better yet, including this information on your resume will allow you to back up the stories you've told about your achievements.

Many professionals are able to use a quote or letter of reference as a striking addition to their resume, especially when it reflects what they've already noted about their skills and competencies.

If you don't have access to this information, be sure to seek out colleagues, supervisors, customers, and even suppliers as a source of positive feedback. Then, take a shorter version of the most powerful testimonial to use as an endorsement.

As an example, a COO targeting a lateral move might be able to include a quote such as "Ted's resourcefulness and ingenuity are without equal. I have witnessed his ability to grow a startup into a maturing business and develop a multimillion-dollar venture in a difficult economic environment," from a corporate officer onto the resume--thereby verifying performance from a key reference source.

In summary, there ARE effective ways to develop a masterpiece resume. It's important to ensure that hiring authorities can quickly cut to the heart of your qualifications--and consider you for prime opportunities that closely match your talents.

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