Friday, October 23, 2009

5 Reasons Employers Are Reluctant to Hire You

2. You’re Begging For It

It’s natural to be desperate when you lose a job. The desperation kicks in full swing if you haven’t saved any money and it comes down to putting food on the table. Being laid off from a job or getting fired and losing a steady income isn’t easy, both financially and emotionally. However, if your desperation starts showing during the job interview, it’s almost guaranteed employers aren’t going to hire you.

Employers look for people who are confident and can turn things around. They are looking for someone who can handle a tough situation. If you act desperate there is no way an employer is going to hire you. They might feel bad for you but they have a business to run, and in this case, their business mind will certainly overcome the emotional side. Grabbing an interviewers leg and begging while at the job interview isn’t the best way to land a job. We understand you are desperate and it’s natural, but don’t let it show.

3. You Are Talking Out Of Your A** During an Interview

Some job applicants are way out of their head. Most articles that you read on the web related to job interview tips always says ‘be confident.’ This does not mean you have to act cocky. There is a difference between being confident and being an ass hole. Your employers wants someone who knows what they are talking about, they don’t want an aggressive person who might be a problem for the whole department down the road. Besides the whole cocky part, some job applicants seem to talk a bit too much.

Don’t get too personal with your interviewer. There is no reason to point out that your ex-wife or ex-husband made your life hell and you couldn’t perform as expected at your last job. Watch what you say while at the interview. Every word coming out of your mouth and every gesture you make is being watched. If you are talking out of your ass, there is a reason the employer didn’t extend the job offer to you.

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