Friday, October 23, 2009

Top 5 Unique Job Interview Strategies

3. Ask if you can have a tour of the office/building/plant, etc.

This is especially effective if the company has a manufacturing facility and you can ask a lot of questions about their products and how they are made. Regardless, this is a great way to show that you have strong interest in the company. While on the tour, bring up several things that you know about the company (you have done your homework, right?) and ask questions about them. Take notice of things you see and either compliment them or ask questions about them.

4. Make it clear you are interested in the job and the company and not “what’s in it for me?”

Try not to ask questions or makes statements that make it clear that you are only interested in how this job will affect you. Employers want individuals who care about the company. If it doesn’t come up in the interview, ask if you can learn about the company’s values and mission statement and talk about how it aligns with yours. The values and mission statement are (or should be!) a very important part of a company’s culture. So few people ask about this stuff! Ask about how your job fits into the department and in the company as a whole. Show interest in what the company actually does. If you spend most of your time talking and asking about all the things that pertain to you, you will not be impressing anyone even if you provide otherwise good answers to the questions.

5. Send personalized thank you letters to every person who was in the interview.

Personalized means personal and unique to each person who was in the interview. Make it different than the others–reference communication items that are specific to that person if you can. This is a great approach, different from just sending a standard copy/paste thank you letter to them all. Many candidates do send separate e-mails to each interviewer but the content is the same. Thank you e-mails can and will get forwarded to others at times and when some were forwarded to me, I found it to be very impressive if the content was different from the one I received. Handwritten ones are a great idea as well. It’s more personal which is a nice touch. If you can spare the time to go all out, hand write them and drop them off the same day or the next day, you should go for it!

It’s little things like this that break you apart from the masses and help you really stand out. Sure, some of these are a little extra work. But if it helps you get the job, isn’t it worth it?

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