Friday, October 23, 2009

5 Job-Hunting Tips for New Grads

5) Get used to competition

Many new grads overlook or ignore this obvious fact, according to Vogt. "As a student, you were graded on your efforts alone. If you scored 90 percent on a test, you got an A -- no matter how anyone else did. As a job hunter, employers grade you against your peers. Suddenly, a performance that might otherwise have earned an A might earn you an F -- failure to get hired -- because another candidate else did just a little better," says Vogt. To compete in today's job market, start with your mindset. Whether you're writing resumes and cover letters, preparing for interviews, or out there networking, keep reminding yourself that good enough is ... not. According to Vogt, "Your #1 job-search thought at all times must be this: How can I outdo my peers?"

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