Friday, October 23, 2009

The 5 College Degrees Employers Want In 2012

4. Accounting

If you’re good with numbers and spreadsheets, you may want to consider a career in accounting.

Accounting majors have a bright 2012 outlook with 59.3 percent of surveyed employers planning to take on these graduates this year.

5. Economics

According to the Job Outlook survey, economics degree grads have the attention of some 34 percent of surveyed employers who plan to hire them in 2012.

The takeaway

If you are hiring this year, this is what your competitors are looking for. Each year, the trends shift based on the successes of various sectors, but it is intriguing to analyze the trends in down years when the economy has hit an entire nation so hard. Businesses of all sizes are looking for problem solvers, and the trend of hiring recent graduates is on the rise.

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