Friday, October 23, 2009

4 Ways to Use Craigslist to Get a Job (3)

Secondly, try to breathe consistently. Breathing is key to voice control; try not to gasp, but breathe through the nose. A slow, relaxed, breath will set the tone for a more relaxed conversation, which can give off the sound-image of your confidence towards people.

With voice, try to show enthusiasm; don’t be afraid to inquire about the job (in fact, this can be recommended) – don’t discuss touchier subjects like Vacation Times or Wages, but talk about the developmental possibilities that this job entails.

 4. Timing

One last thing about Craigslist is the importance of timing; weekends are usually when employers rest, so my recommendation would be to take a break on the weekend and switch gears on weekdays. A good time to check would be at 1PM, when the morning posts are up; and at around 5PM – I say 5PM because afternoon posts would be up, while there will still be people at the workplace to check responses (assuming that the employer stays behind to look into the job applications and doesn’t just leave work at 5PM).

Good luck to all the job hunters out there.


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