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4 Great Careers for a Masters in Health Care Management

Health Services Administrators

You will see this term applied more often in public health settings than anywhere else. Public health programs have grown from county hospitals into a collection of government-sponsored services that include substance abuse clinics, outpatient clinics, and emergency care facilities as well as the traditional full-service acute care hospital.

Health services administration may include responsibility for millions of dollars in specialized equipment, for first responder teams and organizations, for annual staffing and budget management, and for strategic planning. Most people who move into management of large government health care programs do so from private facility administration or often from HMO or other large providers. The American College of Health Care Executives, while oriented to the private, big-business side of the industry, is a good resource for professional information, continuing education and credentialing.

Health Information Management

This field has gone global, just like the economy. The trend is to massive databases of health information, databases that are maintained by medical care groups, insurance providers, HMOs, and public health agencies. Mix these large, multimedia databases with the hard-nosed privacy requirements of the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and you’ve got a business challenge worthy of a tech-savvy health care professional.

Health information management was, and to some degree still is, a database administration task at the doctors’ office level. But increasingly it is becoming a critical service and business strategy issue as large numbers of people move through differing medical service organizations and trail their medical records behind them. Medical record keeping and compliance can be a major cost item for agencies and large service facilities and always has been for insurance companies. The American Health Information Management Association can give you an idea of how health information managers have become health information executives.

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