Friday, October 23, 2009

4 Enormous Lies About Job Search

3. You have to have a fancy resume

Most hourly jobs don’t require a resume. While resume writing is definitely a good skill to develop, and a tool to have in your toolbox, it’s by no means required. Employers will tell you if you need to bring your resume to an interview.

If they do ask for one, don’t freak out. It’s an easy and straightforward process to turn your Snagajob profile into a resume. Take the time you would have spent sweating over your resume and start preparing for interview questions instead.

4. They aren’t hiring

Jobseekers often say “I saw this posted online, but I called the location and they aren’t hiring.” That’s true sometimes, but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t submit your application. Sometimes the location might be hiring and the person who answers the phone might not be the hiring manager.

Hiring statuses can change by the minute. Employers never know when someone will quit, get fired or get promoted, so they choose to leave jobs posted so they can always look for the next superstar (like you)!

Now that we’ve cleared up these old myths for you, you can get a fresh start on your job search.

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